Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finding a rhythym

Using a knitting machine is rather like trying to memorize a new lace pattern.  You have to get the "rhythym" of the stitching...Two rows knit, 6 rows lace, 2 rows knit, 4 rows lace, 2 rows knit... Slowly building the pattern repeats over and over.  It's easy to get mesmerized.  Kind of like driving to Dallas.  By the time you get to Waxahachie, you have totally zoned out and can't remember the last 50 miles lol!

It's relaxing, in the same way that ironing or strolling around the pond is relaxing... two rows knit, 6 rows lace, 2 rows knit...

This sort of rhythmic, let-your-mind-wander activity is especially dangerous for me, because before I know it, I'm doing 10 rows lace and oops! Wrong carriage!  I'm not nearly savvy enough to back up 4 rows of machine knitting.  I was successful at backing up one row of plain knitting after I got hypnotized by the knit carriage, but I'm scared to try backing up the lace. 

Anyway, here's the final project, blocking on the floor:

And here's what happens when the hypnosis takes over and you forget to change the settings on the lace carriage:

So those are nice eyelets.  They don't belong there, but it was too scary for me to try to fix them.  I decided I can live with a row of eyelets. 

I have a plan now.  I'm going to use Brother Henry for stash busting.  This scarf was made using commercial, big box store yarn.  I have an overly large stash of yarn like this.  Once I've made a big dent in it, I'll start using my own handpainted yarns.  And zone happily away in a state of hypnotized bliss!